Last show at the Philly Book Space, March 26

It's been a great tour. Good people, cool venues, delicious food. Ending it in Philly seemed only appropriate.

Lunar Revolt with the killer jams!

We Were One tour: accomplished.

Garfield Artworks, Pittsburgh, March 25

Played a gig with the far out Loto Ball Show.

Columbus OH, March 24

We played a show at a bar called Ruby Tuesdays (not the franchise), but the only photo we managed to take was of Russell with a chicken hat on.

The Whistler, Chicago - March 23

Kansas City, March 22

Julie leaves us in her dust, as we follow her through her hometown.

The Replay Lounge, Lawrence KS, March 21

The last show with Secret Society at MYxYY, March 19

On this very special episode, we part ways with the raddest 7 kids from Houma. Secret Society, come to New York!

Columboid & Secret Society in Smaller Lies!

SXSW in Austin, March 18

Double-header day at Trophy's and at Cheapo Records. Some photos courtesy of Jeremy Zeringue.


March 17th - Reunion with Julie!

Julie meets up with us for the rest of the tour. Columboid is complete once more.