09-05-09 The last show at Mollies in Stroudsburg, PA

The venerable Makoto Nakamura took charge of the photography this evening, and captured the final show of the Columboid/Florida tour. The night was book-ended by a feast prepared by Jason Cooper and Makoto. It's been a good week!


09-04-09 Back to Philly for the show at the Caterpillar

Back to Philly for cheese steaks at the Rock n' Roll Exxon, the show at The Caterpillar, and for firing bottlerockets from crotches.

09-03-09 Crashing in Meleeza's hotel room

Drove for about 4 hours to Richmond, VA to sleep at Meleeza Mathew's hotel room. 200 miles and a speeding ticket later, we reach the Baymont Inn and pass out.